Particle Flocker - FAQ

This page contains some of the most frequently asked questions about Particle Flocker. If you still can't find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us for support

What versions of Autodesk Maya does Particle Flocker support?

Particle Flocker can be used with the following versions of Maya:

Which operating systems can I use with Particle Flocker?

Please visit our Product Information page for full details about currently supported operating systems.

Can I try the software before purchasing it?


Particle Flocker is available as a 14 day free trial. Just visit the download section to download your copy of the plug-in.

Please note that the trial version is currently only available on Windows

Are there any restrictions or limitations when using the trial?

Currently the trial version of Particle Flocker limits the number of affected particles to 200. Also there are usage restrictions which you can read about in our legal section

What is the difference between "Node-Locked" and "Floating" license types?

Node-Locked licenses

Node-locked licenses can only be used on a single computer. The purchased license is "locked" to a specific computer's hardware and will only work on that computer.

Node-locked licenses are idea for users who are only likely to be working on one computer and do not need to transfer data between different computers or share scenes with a large team.

Floating licenses

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Floating licenses are licenses which multiple people are allowed to use, think of them a bit like seats on a bus. Anyone is able to take a "seat", regardless of which computer they are using. While they are using the license, the seat is taken and no one else can use it. Once they are finished using the license, the seat is made available and somebody else can take that seat instead. Each floating license will have 1 or more seats available.

Floating licenses are very useful if working in a team as it allows many people to use the same purchased license. Also if you use many different computers (e.g. an office PC, a laptop or a home PC) this is the ideal license type for you as you can use the same license on each of these computers.

Please be aware that floating licenses require access to the internet in order to be authorised. So for example, if you are working on a laptop and not connected to the internet, your floating license will not work.

What is the RENDER ONLY version?

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You can choose to download Particle Flocker as a RENDER ONLY plug-in, which is designed specifically to be used on render farms. This version of the plug-in will animate particle simulations in exactly the same way as the standard version, but it has none of the user interface or work-flow tools which are available in the full release.

The RENDER ONLY plug-in uses a floating license system (see above) allowing multiple sessions (seats) to be launched simultaneously on different computers from a single license. Please see our Product Information page for full details.

Please be aware that this license type requires access to the internet to be authorised. If your render farm has no internet access, the plug-in will not work.