Flocking System Breakdown

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Wall Following and Containment

Wall following is a variation of path following. In order for a boid to follow a wall, a very similar technique is used. The main difference is that rather than having a radius in which the boid must stay, there is an offset distance from the wall that the boid must stay out of, but also remain close to.

The boid’s predicted future position is computed, and then in a similar way to path following, the nearest point outside of the wall’s offset distance is projected. If the boid is predicted to be within this area, its seek behaviour is given the point outside of the offset as its new target, which will steer it away from the wall.


Containment refers to motion that is restricted to remain within a certain area. Path following is a type of containment, where the boid must remain within the tube radius. This idea can be extended to any shape, so long as a suitable means of calculating its bounds exists.

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